SQLUG träff med Alberto Ferrari i Stockholm 24/5

Nu är det dags igen för SQLUG träff i Stockholm igen! Denna gång har vi fått hit den mycket välkända SQL Server specialisten och MVP, Alberto Ferrari. Han kommer att prata om many to many relationer i MDX

Plats: Addskills, Olof Plames gata 31, Stockholm

Tid: 24/5 kl 18.30 – 21.00

Addskills bjuder på mat i pausen!

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The presentation will be held in English.

Session Info: Many-to-many in DAX

The introduction of many to many dimension relationships in SSAS (since 2005) opened new scenarios that can be solved using OLAP cubes. Now, with the introduction of the Vertipaq engine and the DAX programming language, it seems that many-to-many relationships are no longer supported. As we are going to show, this is not true: many-to-many relationships can be leveraged in DAX too, even if this means some deep understanding of the Vertipaq engine and of the DAX programming language.

During the session we will first set a solid background on the DAX programming language, introducing the basics of DAX programming and the concepts of row and filter context. Then we will deep dive into many scenarios where many-to-many relationships can be managed by using DAX. The implementations are different from those used in SSAS, both from the data modeling and from the programming points of view. Gaining the ability to master many-to-many relationships will open new modeling scenarios that look very promising in SSAS.

Alberto Ferrari bio:

Alberto Ferrari is a Business Intelligence consultant based in Italy. His competency ranges over the whole Microsoft BI stack: SSIS, SSAS, PowerPivot, Data Modeling.

His main interests are in BI development lifecycle methodologies and in the data modeling and performance tuning of large BI solutions, ranging from the ETL phase up to the most intricate MDX and DAX code development.

He worked for many software houses, helping them to take important decisions about the data model for complex data warehouse and for end users in the banking, manufacturing and statistical sectors.

He is also a speaker in international conferences like PASS, SqlBits, TechEd and a book author, having coauthored ”Expert Cube Development with SSAS 2008” and ”Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel 2010: Give Your Data Meaning”. He is a certified SSAS Maestro and has been awarded MVP.

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