Inbjudan till SQLUG-träff den 29 november i Stockholm

Välkomna till träff den 29 november kl 17 i Stockholm på Addskills. Talare kommer att vara Marco Russo.

Plats: Addskills, Olof Palmes Gata 31, Stockholm

Tid: 2012-11-29 Kl 17:30-19:30

Preliminär Execution Plan för kvällen:

17.30 Välkommen, SQLUG info

18.00 Marco Russo: Excel 2013 PowerPivot in Action

Excel 2013 and Business Intelligence: a marriage made in heaven. PowerPivot and Power View, the two most exciting BI tools in the Microsoft stack are now integrated into Excel 2013, providing the perfect environment where to build self-service BI solutions.
In this session we will see how to create a business solution from scratch, from loading tables inside PowerPivot, enriching them with new data, building complex formulas using the DAX language, leveraging the materialization of DAX queries in Excel and finally building dashboards and reports using the new PivotTable features and Power View. The goal of the session is to provide a clear understanding of the power of BI in Excel 2013 and raise your curiosity about the DAX language and the Tabular architecture.

19.30 Slut

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